Our Process

How we create a masterpiece

Design Studio Experience

Our design studio has been created to simplify and ease the communication experience necessary to formulate our clients designs. It houses thousands of professional pictures of our local work, a portfolio of designs that give insight to planning ideas all in a comfortable setting.

Planning for the Future

Every project starts with a series of ideas. We ask our clients to describe their ideas about architectural style, size, overall layout, finish materials, kitchen and appliance design, outdoor designs, and of course budgets. We share excellent photographs of our local work in our Design studio and review a portfolio of our plans to zero in on likes and dislikes. We are a unique company in that we are immediately able to generate feedback on all items including budgets and the manner in which to achieve and convert their ideas into a beautiful and very special home for their family.

Building Around Your Budget

Every project begins with an idea of economic parameters and budgets. Our clients meet with the CEO, no salespeople so that they gain immediate feedback concerning the cost of building. This is not difficult for a management team that has completed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects. We listen and generate immediate feedback on whether those goals are realistic or need adjustment. When you are dealing with a well respected and experienced company budget parameters never should be a mystery.

Creating a Masterpiece

A masterpiece is created when the “artistry of design and the skill of application” meet as one. This is why Palm Coast is a Design / Build firm.We are excellent designers of notable projects and expert craftspeople responsible for constructing these same projects. We are passionate about our work, our finishes, and the people we work with.

Finishing Touches

Palm Coast is renowned for the excellent  fit and finish of their projects. We are passionate about finishing a home with proper moulding details, excellent materials, proper dimensions, and proper spacing of our floor plan layouts and outdoor spaces. When we are able to work with our affiliate company Decors by Jacqueline the projects step up to even a higher class of excellence as the finish product is enhanced by innovative and beautiful applications of furnishings and decor.