Your Home Tells the Story of You

"Our exterior designs endure because we pay careful attention to timeless detail, lot positioning, and surrounding landscape. We avoid designs that tend toward date stamping our client's home."

The exterior of a home speaks to the world around it  and tells the story of the people who live inside. Other builders will provide canned plans that have very few modifications and they will make you work within their parameters. This does not allow you to express yourself in your home. Because we are all-inclusive in our process, we have the ultimate flexibility to start with a blank page and tell your unique story through your home's design. From the pitch of the roof, the height of your windows, to the symmetry or asymmetry of your front or back elevation all speaks to you and who your are. We will painstakingly walk you through all of the details of your future home and set the parameters to not only meet your needs but surpass your wildest dreams. The defining characteristic of a Palm Coast home is not merely a home you love but a home you love more and more each passing day.


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